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PABLO originates from Britain, which is a world famous brand for kitchen products. Due to its quality-oriented traditions, excellent workmanship, active technological innovation, user friendly and eco friendly design concepts, customer-centered service, PABLO always leads the trend in the kitchenware industry.

PABLO is a symbol of high end kitchenware. PABLO products are all designed by masters from Europe. You can see the designers' endless pursuit of perfection in every detail, from material selection, through production, to final inspection. PABLO brings customers not only the products, but also a European-style concept of kitchen.

Shanghai Pablo Company was set up in accordance with the standards of British Pablo. As an ISO9001 certified kitchen sink manufacturer in China, we can produce high quality stainless steel kitchen sink, double bowl sink and kitchen faucet for worldwide customers. Featuring aesthetic appearance, reliable performance, great shock, abrasion resistance, ease of use and installation, our products are highly sought after by customers from the USA, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc.

If you need these kinds of products, feel free to purchase and use them. We hope our products can create the value you expect!

Main Products
    1. Over-mount Kitchen Sink Welcome to our website! Pablo is a premier overmount kitchen sink manufacturer in China. Our overmount sink is very easy to operate, and is available in a variety of shapes and sizes for your choice. Uniform seaming between ...
    1. Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Keep sharp or rusted objects away from sink surface.
      Do not leave rubber pad, wet sponge or cleansing sheet in the sink overnight.
      Be aware of the potential hazard of fluorine containing appliances, bleaching agent...
    1. Kitchen Sink Series As a specialized kitchen sink manufacturer in China, we constantly work to improve our sinks and expand our product list. Due to our tireless efforts over the past years, now we are able to offer a wide range of products, including...
    1. SICILY Series Kitchen Sink SICILY series granite kitchen sink endows your kitchen with uniqueness and unmatched individuality. It is a perfect combination of simplicity, freshness, fashion and functionalization.
      The kitchen sink is..
    1. RHINE Series Kitchen Sink Unique concave-convex panel and arc shape design, leading the trend
      Small external diameter and large internal diameter
      The design concept featuring artistry and simplicity originates from Italy...
    1. DANUBE Series Kitchen SinkDANUBE series stainless steel kitchen sink is specially designed for Chinese families who need sinks with wide radius but small body. It is categorized into various types, from double bowls to single bowls, square ...
    1. NEVA Series Kitchen Sink The use of AISI304 stainless steel ensures the quality of our Neva stainless steel kitchen sink.
      Up to 250mm in depth, reflecting the excellent workmanship of PABLO sink, unique in the industry.
      Elegant arc ...